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Rombauer Vineyards

“For Rombauer Vineyards specifically, we love building around the concept of Joy. It is a perfect fit for who and what we are and has focused the emotional energy of our brand into the truth of why our customers are drawn to us. We use the framework on events and marketing and in our training and onboarding. Every employee is an ambassador for Joy in the world and we want everyone on our team to feel unified in contributing to making the world a happier place to be.”
Robert Knebel
CEO, Rombauer Vineyards


“I have had Doug work on a few of our brands and the impact is always transformational. As soon as Doug called out that we were being Feature Listers, I could immediately see it and knew we needed to change. With his customer analysis we saw how we were not reaching the chronic sufferer we wanted so we switched to focus on the IBS-D population, which is a very large audience who will give us the highest lifetime value per customer. The evolution of the messaging framework was spot on for the target audience and we are now rolling that out too much greater rewards.”
David Marks
CEO, Medtrition


“Working with Doug has been transformative to our business. With the new positioning, we immediately used it to help land a $500,000 contract. Our close rate has moved up substantially and we are winning the projects and clients we want. We have also been able to edge up our pricing which immediately elevates earnings. We spent the time to clearly define how we are the perfect partner for our clients and they gravitate to it strongly and the attention to detail bolstered our quality processes.”
Kris Kunze and James Deeds
Managing Principals, KCL

Peak Mindset Performance Sports

“Going out on my own to build my new practice was a daunting task to build my programs and then find the platform to deliver it. The Rise Club team was amazing in helping me build this every step of the way.”
Bill Kelly
CEO, Peak Mindset Performance Sports

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We built Keep Rising for speed and depth in supporting clients

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