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Keep Rising is the complete engagement platform for Mentors to support their Clients 

“You do not rise to the level of your goals.
You fall to the level of your systems.”

~ James Clear, Author of Athomic Habits

What Keep Rising Provides

Personalized Coaching, Made Scalable

Supporting coacheS dedicated to uplifting the lives of their clients
through small personalized new life choices

Platform Overview


Everything in One Platform
Align with How People Learn & Grow Today
Balanced Responsibility between Mentors & Clients
20+ Tools for Quick and Deep Personalization
Only solution to Integrate Coaching with Classes and Course Creation
AI Strengthened without Being AI Dominated


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Why We Built Keep Rising

Tools Available Today Fail Mentors & Clients

Less than 1% of Good Intentions clients have will become an
Ongoing Practice
  • Shared Documents – Lack accountability. Get lost.
  • Courses – 15% completion rates¹
  • Counselors & Coaches – Lack engagement & accountability
  • Workshops – Inspire, but lack follow through

¹ Columbia University’s Teachers College Study on edX and Coursera Courses indicate completion rates of only 15% (2020). MIT revealed that over 5 years, courses have drop out rates of 96% (2020)

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